4 Acupuncture Points Used to Treat Anxiety and Stress

15 December 2015
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Many people live very fast-paced lifestyles that leave them feeling anxious and stressed out. For instance, some people have several jobs that they juggle at the same time. Others are stressed out by failing relationships with their spouses. Such people may begin taking stress medications prescribed by their doctors. However, some of those medications can have side effects like dizziness that detract from their effectiveness.

Acupuncture is an alternative treatment option that can help to relieve stress and anxiety. It involves the insertion of very thin needles in selected parts of the body. Those insertion sites (called pressure points) are selected based on their connection with the parts of the body related to the condition being treated.

This article discusses four pressure points that can be targeted by an acupuncturist to treat your chronic anxiety or stress.

1. The Pressure Point Above the Wrist

You can find this acupuncture point by placing three fingers on the inner side of your wrist. Use the three fingers starting with the index finger (excluding the thumb). Where the three fingers end is where this pressure point is located.

2. The Pressure Point at the Wrist

This pressure point is found in the indentation found in the middle of your wrist. To see it, clench your fist so that the tendon running up your arm is visible. The pressure point is found in that middle point where the tendon connects with the fist.

3. The Pressure Point in Your Foot

This requires some flexibility to locate. First, sit down and cross one leg over another. Rest the foot of the crossed leg on your knee. Use your thumb to draw a line between the second and the third toes. Trace that imaginary line to a point that is about one-third of the length of your foot. For some people, that point measured off marks where the depression in their foot begins.

4. The Ears

There is no exact acupuncture point on the ears. The entire ear is targeted when helping patients to overcome stress and anxiety. The lobes and the inner surface of the ears can be massaged or fine needles can be inserted in them to fight anxiety or stress.

Only trained professionals should practice acupuncture. Use the information above as for a basis for your discussion with an acupuncturist about how this ancient healing method can help you. He or she may also advise you about how to massage those pressure points to get some relief when you feel anxious or stressed.

To learn more about how acupuncture can help you manage stress, talk to organizations like Toronto College of Chinese Medicine.